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Proxemy helps you navigate the 6ft economy with solutions you can trust.

Right after the first social distancing measures were announced, we noticed people struggling with compliance in (semi)public spaces.

We immediately understood this as a behavioral challenge, and one where technology can significantly enhance compliance. Our expertise, both deep in the user-side of smart products — experience & ethics — as well as in the engineering and marketing of IoT solutions, helps us craft the perfect solution to help re-open with confidence.

User experience put
front and center

User experience is key to the success of Bubble; it only works when users like to wear the device and take cues from its feedback. With ample early prototypes we were able to craft and verify the user experience. 

Our team

Job ten Bosch

Customer success & Partnerships

Marcel Schouwenaar

Product & Marketing

Harm van Beek

User experience

Jelmer Tiete

Lead engineer